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This section of the website shares a selection of scientific documentaries that complements the fundamental views of Buddhism.

Buddha explained that all living things are made of continuous vibrations of the four elements Or the four Maha Butha Rupa called Apo, Thejo, Wayo and Patavi.He further explained that anything created using these 4 elements are constantly changing and therefore can’t be stopped. The fact that everything in life changes it’s existence specially in the context of the human body means that the body that we called ours don’t belong to us as we can’t stop this constant change happens to our body through decay. Because, if the body really belongs to me I should be able to control it the way I want. So he said, not to get attached to this body that we can’t control and instead of getting attach to the materialistic worldly things, practice detachment. Because it’s this attachment(cravings) is what keeps us in the cycle of birth. Hence Buddha realised that cause of suffering is the cycle of rebirth and to end suffering we must stop the cycle of rebirth. Buddhism teaches the only way to stop rebirth is to practice the middle path or the eight fold path. The practice of the eight principles of Buddhist teaching is the only way to end suffering and reach the ultimate peace or Nirvana.Buddhism is the only religion in the world that teaches these eight fold path. This teaching is what separate Buddhism from all other religious teachings.

The video below shares key scientific findings to date using quantum physics about the illusions of reality.

The video below shares evidence of human rebirth findings.

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