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Jul 14

Free Sinhala eBooks on Buddhism

May 04

What is Buddhism? A Brief Introduction.

Choose your Language More than 2500 years ago the Prince Siddhaththa Gautama attained enlightenment and became the Gautama Supreme Buddha, the Blessed One. He proclaimed the well-expounded Dhamma to teach human beings and Devas (heavenly beings) the path leading to the cessation of suffering (dukka). The profound teachings of the Gautama Buddha can be well …

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Feb 03

Buddhist Quotes for a Simple Life

Choose your Language Watch the video below that shares some Buddhist quotes for a peaceful life. Please explore the external links on the right hand side to explore the complete teachings of Buddha under the Links on Thripitaka. may you have a peaceful life! Introduction to the video below: The full video of the film …

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May 14

What is Buddhism? Your Online Buddhist Resource

Welcome to The official website for Asokarama Buddhist temple in Kalutara, Srilanka. This website also host a collection of high quality Buddhist resources hosted on independent websites for easy access for anyone wants to learn the teachings of the Buddha.These links can be found on the column to the right side of the website.  The Buddhist …

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Nov 08

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple

Asokarama Maha Vihara is a temple with over 200 years of  history and culture. It offers free vocational and humanitarian services to the Sri lankan community in Kalutara and surrounding areas of Kalutara.Some of the services include,  conducting Dhamma school for the Monks and children of all ages, poya day programmes for all 12 months …

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