May 14

What is Buddhism? Your Online Buddhist Resource

Welcome to Asokaramaya.org. The official website for Asokarama Buddhist temple in Kalutara, Srilanka.

This website also host a collection of high quality Buddhist resources hosted on independent websites for easy access for anyone wants to learn the teachings of the Buddha.These links can be found on the column to the right side of the website.  The Buddhist teaching is over 2500 years old and the teachings are relevant today as they were over 2500 years ago. There are various versions of the Buddha’s teachings spread all over the world. Theravada Buddhism is a direct translation of the original Buddhist teachings  and that is what you can  accessible though this website. The answer to ‘What is Buddhism?’ can be found by reading the the translations of the three main Buddhist books  series are called Tripitaka (three books) called Sutta Book (Books of Budda’s  lectures), Vinaya book(Books of Buddhist discipline) , Abhidhamma Book (books of Buddhist psychology). These three books are the  Buddhist equivalent of the Bible or Quran of other religions.

Feel free to access all aspects of the website and expand your wisdom.

Your feedback is always welcome.

Have a peaceful day.

Video below talks about Buddhism: Superstitions by Ajahn Brahm

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