Asokarama Pirivena

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Pirivena is a Buddhist school for the Monks. It teaches them all aspects of Buddhist teachings (i.e. Sutra, Vinaya, Abhidhamma).

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Some Pirivena programmes recorded from 2010 is displayed on this page.

The three audio links below is a complete recording of a special Buddhist training programme held for all the training monks about Monk’s Discipline, how to chant Pirith, how to conduct sermons on Buddhism etc. The event was organised by Rev Parakaduwe Saranankara Thero.

Below is the three part recordings of the full day special training programme held for the Pirivena monks. The programme covers training following training topics by various senior monks.

1. Introduction and opening ceremony

2. Discipline and responsibilities of a Monk

3. How to chant Pirith as a monk

4. How to conduct Buddhist sermons

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    • Below are some Video recordings of the various speeches of the day.
      Note: The videos are partial recordings only. Complete recordings of the speeches are listed as Audio recordings above.

Introduction and the Speech by rev Parakaduwe Saranankara thero.Click on the ‘Play’ button above to play the video.

Introduction to the topic of ‘Who is the Buddhist Monk?’.Click on the ‘Play’ button above to play the video.

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