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This video represent International feature film Tathagat Buddha the last part of this movie 100 days last life and geting Great Nirmana Lord Buddha in this video and all dialogue translated in English by D.N.Shakya. Now Whole world celebrating 2600 years of Supreme Enlightenment of Shakyamuni Tathagat Buddha and I request to all youtube viewers please watch this video and get the knowledge for your life.

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Welcome to The official website for Asokarama Buddhist temple in Kalutara, Srilanka.

This website also host a collection of high quality Buddhist resources hosted on independent websites for easy access for anyone wants to learn the teachings of the Buddha.These links can be found on the column to the right side of the website.  The Buddhist teaching is over 2500 years old and the teachings are relevant today as they were over 2500 years ago. There are various versions of the Buddha’s teachings spread all over the world. Theravada Buddhism is a direct translation of the original Buddhist teachings  and that is what you can  accessible though this website. The answer to ‘What is Buddhism?’ can be found by reading the the translations of the three main Buddhist books  series are called Tripitaka (three books) called Sutta Book (Books of Budda’s  lectures), Vinaya book(Books of Buddhist discipline) , Abhidhamma Book (books of Buddhist psychology). These three books are the  Buddhist equivalent of the Bible or Quran of other religions.

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Video below talks about Buddhism: Superstitions by Ajahn Brahm

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple

Asokarama Maha Vihara is a temple with over 200 years of  history and culture. It offers free vocational and humanitarian services to the Sri lankan community in Kalutara and surrounding areas of Kalutara.Some of the services include,  conducting Dhamma school for the Monks and children of all ages, poya day programmes for all 12 months of the year, holding dana ceremonies annually to over 50 Buddhist priests, attending dana ceremonies weekly upon invitation of the Buddhist devotees in Kalutara and surrounding areas,  conducting family conflict resolution service for families with domestic issues, constructing homes for the homeless families. During the tsunami disaster, the temple raised funds to create shelter and food for the homeless people in Kalutara.  The head priest of the temple Rev Parakaduwe Saranankara Thero is also the head of the Monks monetary councils of Kalutara and Colombo districts.